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Long term Training

 ~ Long Term Training ~
 (For 'n' Period)
या देवी सर्व भुतेसू शक्ति रूपेण संस्थिता  l
नमस्तास्याई ll नमस्तास्याई ll नमस्तास्याई ll
नमो नमः

With the blessings of all my teachers-gurus & support-trust from all followers, this year in the next month, our blog is going complete its journey of Five consecutive years. There are so many seen as well as unseen readers and followers of this blog. There are so many visible and invisible admirers and critics too for it. My heartfelt sincere gratitude to each one of them who has loved me…, appreciated me…., excited me….., inspired me…, made me learnt a lot during this journey.

We are very much grateful to our paid trainees for their valued contribution in our fund raising tool which is utilized for the welfare of poor but clever students and for organ donations.

Uptillnow MySAR levels work very well for all scrips. And all our followers have earned fantastic returns on their capital using these levels and our trading strategy.

We are committed to our mission to encourage discipline, determination and dedication among the trading community along with our social welfare for education of poor but clever students and organ donations.

Considering our mission, at the eve of this fifth year of blogging, we have been inspired by our teachers-gurus to launch long term training for those who are serious in stock market to learn and earn through systematic execution of techical levels with discipline.

  • Stock market trading is a business activity, not a gambling.
  • In stock market, trading there is a continuous process of learning. Each and every transaction teaches us some thing new and new. Hence, those who wants to benefit from stock market trading must be ready to become a student of this market for ever.

    It cannot be learnt overnight, or by attending some seminar or workshop for few days. But it requires full practice of watching price movement and understaning of market conidition with discipline, determination and dedication all together for learning and gaining from stock market. We believe in learning and teaching through conversation.
    Longer period is beneficial for grasping the technique and gives good return provided we follow disciplinary rules strictly.
  • Stock market is full of numbers, numbers and numbers. Each and every web sites, blogs and medias, there are so many numbers to be used in stock market trading. There are so many trading systems too. Each number has its own significance and is right at its own place. Because each and every trading system has its own benefits and drawbacks too. Hence right implementation of the specific number at right time is more important.
  • Rather than wasting time in wandering hither and thither in search of the best system, it is better to find out and select a few systems and stick to them, try to solve the drawbacks of one system with the benefits of another.
  • In any business, balance sheet is not prepared at end of each transaction. It requires a completion of certain period of time to evaluate the business activities. Only and only long term business activities give good return to the businessman.
  • In any trading activity, a businessman is exploiting only trading potentialities and during that process, depending upon the market condition, some potentialities may go right and some may go wrong, and he enjoys/suffers the net net results whatever it may be.
  • The basic principle :
    There are four different possibilities in any market.
    You made money on correct trade - Excellent
    You lost money in a correct trade - bad luck
    You lost money in a wrong trade - you deserved it
    You made money in a wrong trade - Very very dangerous.

    Don't judge the success of anyone in the trade by the amount of money he has made. Judge the success by his trading strategy. Money can get made and vanish in the blink of an eye. A good strategy stays with you for a long period of time and success becomes enduring.


    Positive mind is a precondition for any success. Combination of spirituality with any activity helps any one to stand tall.

About Payment :
Make Payment in favour of :
Reshma Gaurang Panchal

Current A/c No. 50200024916668
Vejalpur Branch
"Abhishilp" Shop No. 1 & 2,
Opp Vishweshwar Mahadev Temple
Judges Bunglow Road,
Ahmedabad - 380015.


The longer the practice, the more will be the grasping 
of the price movement & strategy
 and the more beneficial for learning and earning both

Longer training period is more economical too

What you will get :

Full follow up of Nifty Future and Bank Nifty Future 
during market hours through yahoo messenger will be given. 
Additionally you will also get :

(A) MySAR Levels for Future segment 
(Nifty 50 Scripts + any other on demand) – File to be sent as an attachment through email 
(B) MySAR Levels for Cash segment 
(Nifty 50 Scripts + any other on demand) – File to be sent as an attachment through email  
(C) Pre Market Trading Potentialities on Breakout System 
( For cash & future segment both)
- Will be given only through yahoo messenger 
(D) Intra day Trading Potentialies during market hours 
(For cash & future segment both)
- Will be given only through yahoo messenger 
(E) Calculation of various technical levels.
(F) Chart settings as per our trading strategy.

We have started rituals for consecretion of Lord Ganesha during Ganeshotsav and of Devi Ambika during Navaratri Mahotsav for some of our long term followers. The rituals are expected to complete fully during the days of Deepawali.

The consecretion of these God and Goddess is going to be conducted through Pranpratisha, a rare mystical process that uses life energies to transform mere stone into deity. Whether a devotee seeks to acquire, enjoy or transcend the physical and material aspects of life - the Devi Ambika will assist in one's aspirtions may be.

Be it power, strength and physical immortality, wealth and riches, passion and intensity; or knowledge, knowing and transcendence - the Devi is the Ultimate Giver of all that and more.

The powerful energy of Devi allows devotees to go through life effortlessly; all physical aspects of their lives - health, success and prosperity - will find nourishment. For those who aspire for spiritual wellbeing, the benevolent Goddess helps in overcoming obstacles on the path and delivers them to the realm of Ultimate Liberation.

Are you one of them to get privilege of Lord's Blessings....???? 


Please note that this long term training is only 
for 9 (nine) selected followers who are sincere 
and dedicted for learning as well as following disciplinary rules.

 If interested, email us at :
ping us at yahoo messenger id : gauresh59

We are highly grateful to :
  • M/s Kalyan Jewellers
  • M/s Riddhi Jewellers
  • M/s Promonet India
  • M/s Saibaba Investment Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sharekhan
  • M/s Bhoomi Developers.
 May Goddess Durga help killing all our evils…..


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